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We offer 12 - 60 months Rental Agreements, Cash or Rental, Service Agreements .

Printers and Copiers

We provides you with highly efficient multi-function printers that can significantly improve your business documentation workflow.


We offer a wide range of PBX systems to satisfy the communication needs of almost any organisation, no matter how big or small.


As a Business Solutions Company we make an ongoing investment in developing ever more advanced and improved technology.

Air Conditioning

Our range of air conditioners include Air Purifying Systems, a first in South Africa to combine an air conditioner and dust monitoring system.


Don’t let external factors stop you from achieving ultimate efficiency. We can solve your standby electrical problems with our wide range of generators.

Presentation Systems

Learn how our Presentation Systems can be customized for a myriad of applications including corporate, digital signage, hotels and resorts, etc.

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About Grove Business Solutions

As a leading Office Equipment company, we are here for business and we are well-positioned to offer your business the edge. Years of working with many leading companies has given us a birds eye view of what good companies do better. Enabling us to fine-tune our offering and innovate.

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