CCTV & POS Video Intelligence

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CCTV & POS Video Intelligence

Nothing stands still at PanSolutions Pretoria. As a Business Solutions Company we make an ongoing investment in developing ever more advanced and improved technology, manufacturing and design. This non-stop quest produced breakthroughs such as our Super Dynamic III camera technologies, aspherical lenses, ultra-crisp monitor displays and we pioneered time-lapse recording and digital image storage. PanSolutions Pretoria gives you ways to leverage the power and versatility of IP Networks, PCs and other digital technologies in delivering more functionality and simplicity to your clients.

We offer you a broad range of solutions, systems and options that can suit virtually any type of application. With
PanSolutionsPretoria, you can handle anything from basic low-cost installations to cutting-edge applications demanding the utmost in capability, sensitivity and versatility – as well as a host of specialty applications with their own unique requirements.

POS Video Intelligence Video Analytics the identify irregularities at the Point of Sale. Groceries, Fashion, DIY, Departmental Stores. World’s 1st and only automated all POS Non-scanning detection, used with great success across Europe. Identifying the following: Non-Scans, Basket/Trolley Based losses, Irregular Voids & Refunds, Overcharging. Taking care of the ± 40% Shrinkage that occurs at the POS. Visit for more information.